Products For Couches


This unique product is intended for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing all types of fabric made of alcantara, cotton, wool polyester, sythetics, microfibers, while brightening up their colours.Easy to use.

– Anti-acarid.
– Can also be used for car seat upholstery fabric.
– For velvet and alcantara fabrics, use the Cleaning Sponge Suede Nubuck Saphir afterwards to take off shine.
– Can be used pure or diluted. Start by diluting in 50% of tepid water.
– Do not systematically use pure.
– Does not foam, no need to rinse.
– Delivered with a cotton cloth.


For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes the successive layers of wax and gives back to the leather its original appearance.NEW FORMULA, totally colorless, with purified glycerine.

– Non alkaline formula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary of Marseilles soap.
– Essential before applying the Pigmenting Cream or the Renovators, just like washing your hands before applying a cream.
– Opens the leather pores and facilitates pigment penetration.
– Use with a Sponge or a soft Brush if necessary.


Neutral leather care cream emulsion for the gentle care of all types of smooth leather, leather goods, furniture, luggage etc. , gently cleans, nourishes and protects. Formula based on beeswax at 28,9% and enriched with jojoba oil and lanoline which have been selected for their nourishing properties. Can be applied on the most delicate leathers, giving a deep and durable shine. Fast drying, no need to rub intensively. Gives your leather a very silky appearance. Universal Cream Polish Saphir is non-greasy and does not leave a whitish deposit on the leather. Developed in 1920, it has been improved regularly and helps professionals to meet maximum requirements with a single product

– Solvent-free formula.
– Highly concentrated product, apply sparingly.
– Polish immediately after application.
– To care for shoes, prefer a Saphir or Saphir Medaille d’Or cream or paste polish.


Unique product for real in-depth cleaning of suede, nubuck, crepe, textiles, stretch and “tex” fabrics, refreshes the original colour.

– To apply the product on shoes and leather goods, use a Spreading Brush Saphir Large Model humidified with tepid water, and an Oval Brush Saphir for furniture. Brush and rinse, then let dry.
– Afterwards, brush with a Cleaning Sponge Suede Nubuck Saphir to eliminate shine.
– If the colour has faded, renovate with the Renovetine Saphir.
– Average use approx. 500 ml for a sofa seating 3.

RENO ΜΑΤ 100 ml

For stain-removing and in-depth cleaning of the pores of smooth leather, and to remove dirt and deposits of products based on resin and silicone. Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-agressive formula.To clean leather goods, clothes, leather furniture or car leather, when the leather is very dirty and has never been cared for before.

– Leather Cleaner RENOMAT is also very useful for cleaning brushes once they get coated with shoe polish.


Liquid dye for all types of smooth leather, suede, nubuck and velvety leather.Penetrating formula based on alcohol, can be used as a base coat. Use to change a light colour into a darker one. All colours can be mixed together. Use the Colour Chart for help (see zoom).Prepare smooth leather before with Stripper Saphir. In any case, it is essential to apply a finishing product afterwards.

– To obtain the colour you want, choose between 9 shades, 3 primary colours and 1 Lightening Base.
– The color shades vary depending on the conditionings below ( 50 ml, 50 ml (bases and special colours), 500 ml, 500 ml (bases and special colours), 1 liter or 5 liters.
– The Lightening Base has to be mixed before application.
– Average quantities needed:
. 50 ml for a pair of shoes,
. 100 ml for a handbag,
. 500 ml for a piece of clothing,
. 300 ml/coat for a seat. (Sometimes, two coats might be necessary)
– For smooth leather: apply a finishing product afterwards to intensify the colour shade, add shine and to prevent colour discharge.
– For suede, nubuck and velvety leather, apply Renovetine Saphir as a finish.
– Apply with a Brush, with Cotton Wick or a spray-gun.
– Protect your hands with the Latex Gloves. Clean the brushes with 99° alcohol or the Stripper Saphir.
– If your skin gets stained, clean with alcohol or acetone if the dye has dried.