A true shoe expert in Limassol. We specialize in shoe repairs; heels, boots and flats. We can also repair all kinds of leather goods like wallets and bags.

Our team is here to ensure that you get the high-quality service that you deserve. We are happy to fix any shoe-related issue so that you can continue to enjoy wearing your shoes without any interruption in comfort or style.

Shoe repair & leather goods. Footwear materials.

Kalapodi is more than just a cobbler-shop fixing shoes. It is a workshop-lab of care and reward of all unusual footwear products. We leave aside concepts such as ephemeral fashion and focus on quality, finesse, timeless style. We choose quality care products for our clients and their shoes, we give useful advice and we provide unique services.

Shoe repair & leather goods. Footwear materials.

At Kalapodi, we employ a passion for quality, years of training and specialized machinery to ensure superior repairs and satisfaction.

Superior craftsmanship is all we do